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Role of Zakat in poverty alleviation

Poverty is a complex and multidimen-sional issue, and will continue to be a problem for us in the near future. To combat poverty, countries...

How Zakat crowds out social evils

Zakat literally means purification. Technically, it is an amount given by a well-to-do Muslim who possesses the minimum threshold to the identified categories of...

Islamic finance for social good

The term 'Islamic Social Finance' refers to modes of finance that are rooted in Islamic ethics and intended for social benefit. These include Zakat...

Fintech could unleash Islamic charity’s full potential

The question of how best to bring fintech to bear on zakat is gaining prominence There has of late been much excited talk about how...

Saudi banking index swings after settlement over Islamic tax

An index tracking Saudi Arabian banking shares erased earlier losses and finished little changed after lenders reached settlements worth 16.7 billion riyals ($4.5 billion) with the kingdom’s tax authority over an Islamic levy.

Economics 101: Contribution of Muslim economists needs greater acknowledgement

Economics is generally taught as if Adam Smith, and other members of the 18th century Scottish Enlightenment (such as David Hume) were the starting point for the modern version of the discipline.
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