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Islamic Finance: How Does It Make Money Without Interest?

Many of the products offered by Islamic financial institutions are comparable to Western or conventional finance even though interest and speculation are forbidden. Banks are by far the biggest players in Islamic finance — some of them are exclusively Islamic while others offer sharia-compliant products but remain mostly conventional.

What Is Islamic Finance And How Does It Work?

Islamic finance is a way of doing financial transactions and banking while respecting Islamic law or sharia. Islamic finance hardly existed 30 years ago...

Turkey | An Islamic Banking Surge

Shariah-compliant finance is growing in Turkey, and Ankara is planning new rules to help guide the market. Turkish regulatory authorities are expected to agree soon on new rules regarding Islamic finance. Once approved by parliament, “participation banking,” as Islamic finance is known in Turkey, is expected to spur growth in the sector.

Trends, challenges and opportunities in Islamic Finance in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Islamic finance made inroads in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BH) in 2000 when Bosna Bank International (BBI) was established. This was the first and remains...

Conventional Banking vs Islamic Banking

Many confuse facts around conventional and Islamic banking. We've laid them out along with advantages and disadvantages for your future banking convenience. Conventional banking uses...

Middle East: Islamic Finance Flourishes

Islamic finance is going mainstream, with Western countries planning to issue their first sovereign sukuk. It still constitutes only a small percentage of total global financial assets, and most activity is concentrated in a handful of markets—but for how long?

A Road ahead for Islamic Finance Industry: A Need for Standardization

Today Islamic finance attracts both Muslims as well as non-Muslims. According to Kuwait Finance House Research (KFHR), Islamic financial assets represent approximately 1% of...

Recent Fiasco in Qatar: A Need for Good Governance (Shari’ah Governance)

The issue of good corporate governance has received a lot of attention in last several years within both conventional and Islamic financial system –...

Islamic Finance Practices at the Crossroads

Islamic finance is at the crossroads. On one side the global economic crisis provides a golden opportunity for the Islamic finance industry to establish...
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